17/09/15 | Anthias Consulting Ltd finish configuring GC for National University of Mongolia

Diane Turner and Imran Janmohamed from Anthias Consulting Ltd very kindly donated their time with others to assist with the configuration of an Agilent 6890N GC with CTC autosampler for PAH analysis.

The Agilent 6890N GC was new (old stock) and donated to us with the CTC autosampler and PTV injector by the Waters Corporation.  There was no detector installed so RORO traded some surples equipment for an FID and Clarity software for the GC.

This is a summary of the work completed including a list of parts donated:-

Dear Giles,

Great news, the instrument is now all finished and ready to go. Here is a summary of what has been done and by whom:

The Open University
Provided laboratory space, all the gases, and will also do the shipping costs to University Mongolia, along with the following as well.

§  CTC leg screws

§  SSL Septa Installed

§  SSL O-ring installed

§  SSL ferrules

§  PTV inlet PTFE Ferrule

§  PTV graphite O ring

§  Quartz Wool to fill hole in GC oven

Borrowed (need to purchase replacements)
§  98 vials 2ml tray

§  Small and large elastic cords for the CTC combi pal

§  SSL 2x nuts

Trajan Scientific and Medical
They happily provided various consumables

§  BPX50 column 30m x 0.25 x 0.25 for PAH analysis (not installed but to be shipped)

§  2x  10 uL syringes for the CTC GC Pal

§  Deactivated splitless liner for the Agilent SSL inlet

§  Liner for CIS LVI

§  Liner for CIS PTV

§  Graphite ferrules for GC inlet pk10

§  Septa for the Agilent SSL inlet 11mm pk10

Andrew Davidson
Assisted with Clarity software and remote start set up, as we were experiencing issues with the software, CTC and GC running together.

§  Provided with CTC remote start cable

Anthias Consulting
§  FID Jet with a narrow ID

We have done the following to the system

1.       Instrument

§  Set up and plumbed all the gases to the instrument.

2.       Software

§  Installed the Clarity software and added the dongle

§  Activated Windows 7

§  Updated Windows from their server

§  Installed PAL CTC object manager and uploaded all objects required

§  Installed PAL Loader and backed up final CTC configuration

§  Installed HP vapour volume calculator

§  Installed PDF reader

§  Installed PDF writer

3.       CTC autosampler

§  Installed the legs to the Agilent 6890

§  Set-up all the sync signals, events, etc.

§  Set up all the tray base & tray, solvent tray and the 2 injectors

§  Changed the small elastic cord as the previous one was worn out

§  Changed the large elastic cord as the previous one was worn out

§  Placed a needle for tests (will remove for shipping)

§  Synced the PAL CTC to the PC

4.       Inlet

§  Cleaned the SSL inlet body, cap & head with methanol

o   Placed new septa

o   Liner was clean and changed the O-ring (squashed)

§  Cleaned the PTV inlet body with methanol

o   Placed new PTFE ferrule

o   Liner was clean and changed the graphite O-ring (squashed)

5.       FID

§  Changed the jet present with a narrow jet (better sensitivity & easier column installation)

§  Did a quick clean to the jet & body

§  Insulators and collector were clean

6.       Column

§  Installed the provided Restek column with new ferrules

§  Conditioned the column to remove contamination

7.       Tests

§  Tested the instrument to see if the injection, method, autosampler, supplied column works well for each of the inlets (SSL & PTV)

§  Created methods for each inlet and used a BTEX test mix

We just need to have photos taken (tomorrow) and then the instrument can be boxed up ready for shipping.

Giles, can you make arrangements please and let us know when we need to have it ready?

Taff/Graham, I think some publicity was going to written for this, please could you discuss?

Diane & Imran