22/07/14 | Collaboration with Professor Jean Johnson

Following on from a meeting between Giles Edwards (RORO Founder Trustee/ Technical Director) and Professor Jean Johnson on the day that Jean was given an outstanding alumini award by the University of Manchester a collaboration was formed.  Jean has been leading chemistry outreach programs in Africa and has been working recently in Uganda.

A donation was organised by RORO including a computer controlled standalone UV/Vis spectrophotometer, digital storage oscilloscope and sweep signal generator to be shipped to the University Jean volunteers at.  The instrumentation was collected by Dr Mike Smith who will transport it to Uganda along with the FTIR 'Spectroscopy in a suitcase' instrument to complete some analysis in Uganda with the local students.

We wish Jean and Mike every sucess and will be putting together an HPLC system that can be shipped to Uganda in the not so distant future.