13/04/12 | 20 Foot Container arrived at Juba University, South Sudan

The 20 foot container packed full of scientific research equipment including HPLC, LC/MS/MS, PEEK Nitrogen generator, glassware for synthesis, volumetric glassware, lots of books and journals arrived safe and sound.

This is an email from Faiza who is from the college of applied and industrial sciences:-

Dear Giles,
I am writing today to inform you that we have received with pleasure the equipment at University of Juba. Although, the content didn't looked in order when the container was opened, but that I suppose is due to security check-up or so... however, we found most of the items as per the description given. The items in the pink plastic bags were also available. The items were off loaded into a container as we plan to install or place them in the Labs. The equipment are very good, I didn't see any broken glassware and that is a blessing!
Giles that is a great job!
Please pass our gratitude to all those who contributed in a way or another; beginning from the collection, packing and shipment of the equipment to Juba. I  really can't find words to express my joy but just want you to know that we are grateful for everything and will always remember this substantial support.
We shall let you know when the labs are ready for installation, otherwise; remain blessed and thank you once again.

Best regards.
Faiza A. Ali
College of Applied & Industrial Sciences
University of Juba
South Sudan.
Mobile: +249915029032