02/01/12 | RORO offer BMSS members some equipment for spares or repair

RORO send out the following email to BMSS members:-

Dear All,

Happy new year!  Just a quick email to let you all know about some mass spec equipment that is up for grabs.  Due to a lack of sufficient funding our charity has had to relocate to a much smaller premises.  We only have room to store complete functional instrumentation and therefore have quite a large stock of incomplete instruments for spares/repair.

The equipment is all available for free on a first come first served basis, the only catch is that we have to have all of the equipment removed by the end of this week.

Financial donations welcome!

Mass Spec
Applied Biosystems ABI 150 LC/MS - No ion source, with rotary pumps
Voyager MALDI DE-STR - boots up and pumps down, problem with MALDI sample stage
Micromass QTOF1 - TDAT, its boots up and pumps down but needs new MCP
Quattro 1 - No ion source, not tested
TOFSpec MALDI - very old, incomplete
Pheiffer 170 and 240 turbos, TCP 300 and 40 controllers
Various rotary pumps,2, 5, 8, Edwards xds 10 scrollpump

2 x almost dead HP 1090
2 x Kontron 465 HPLC autosamplers
lots of small HPLC pumps

2 x almost dead 5890 GC and a 5790
Chrompak GC

Other Instruments
Unicam 939 AAS - lots of HCL but no data system
Pye SP9 AAS -
Perkin Elmer 380 Graphite Furnace AAS - not tested
2 x Applied Biosystems 270A HTC Electrophoresis Systems
Nicolect Magna 550 Series FTIR with microscope, complete with computer but needs KBr beam splitter (expensive part)

4 pallets of assorted HPLC pumps, UV/Vis detectors, UV/Vis specstrophotometers, HP 3396 integrators

Various assorted HPLC columns

Please get in touch as soon as possible if you are interested in any of the above items or can offer any other suggestions on what to do with the equipment.

Best regards,

Giles Edwards
Founder Trustee/ Technical Director
Recycling Organisation for Research Opportunities (RORO)
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