02/10/13 | Thanks to Chemical Analysis at the Waters Corporation for donation of GPC

Thanks to Dr Peter Hancock for organising the donation of a GPC chromatography system from the Chemical Analysis department at the Waters Corporation.  It is intended to ship the system to KNUST, Kumassi in Ghana

The equipment collected included the following items:-

Waters 1515 isocratic HPLC pump
Waters Fraction collector III
Envirogel guard column (4.6 x 30 mm)
Breeze software add on
28 mm vials
5 ml sample loop
Envirogel 19 x 300 mm column
Envirogel 19 x 150 mm column
2500 ul syringe
Waters 717plus autosampler
Waters 2487 dual channel UV/Vis detector
Waters 2487 semi-prep cell
CTC combipal