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Donating Equipment

Give us a call…

We are always open to new opportunities. Please fill out our equipment donation form if you have any items you think could be reused in an academic research environment.  We will discuss the equipment, the logistics and a collection date to suit you.

For example, analytical consumables such as HPLC columns are often not used to full capacity and often have a much longer working life than that granted in QC labs.

For more details see ‘What we Recycle’

Minimal Costs

We want to make the recycling of goods as cost effective as possible. Costs will be kept to a minimum and discussed and agreed before collection. A charge will usually be levied to cover any logistical costs involved in transporting equipment from your organisation to our facility in Liverpool.

Safety First

Any instrumentation that has potential contamination issues will have to be dealt with on a case by case basis, we will have to charge for any costs associated with the decontamination if we are to receive any potentially contaminated items. N.B. RORO will not accept liability for any items contaminated with radioactive or harmful biohazards. At the moment we are not in a position to collect gas chromatographs with ECD (Electron Capture Detector) or other analytical instruments that use a radioactive source.

Equipment collected will have to be donated along with the health and safety declaration form [hyperlink]

Data acquisition systems that require secure data destruction can be dealt with on site by our computing data erasure specialists at Re-Cyclers Organisation Ltd.

See the Benefits

Any item that is donated to us can be tracked through our audit system, we will keep you informed where your donations end up and can give you feedback with photos.  You can even request for your donation to be publicised on our website.

We also offer sponsorship of the donated goods, for example clearly marking any donations with labels that we will provide.

For more information on past successful projects see the Projects section.

The Essentials:

To help donors we will:

  • offer a comprehensive not-for-profit collection service
  • keep costs down
  • keep you informed of the benefits of your donations.

You will be covered for:

  • legal obligations covered in accordance with the WEEE directive [hyperlink]
  • onsite data destruction
  • details of legal cover etc…

We can recycle:

  • Chromatographs, GC and HPLC
  • Spectrophotometers, UV/Vis, AAS
  • Mass Spectrometers, benchtops preferred but magnetic sectors will be considered
  •  analytical HPLC columns
  • Volumetric and synthesis glassware
  • Books and journals
  • Oscilloscopes and spectrum analysers